Consent to Receive Advertising and Informational Mailings from LLC "AB.BRAND"

  1. Hereby, the User, acting freely, voluntarily, and in their own interest, as well as confirming their legal capacity, gives this Consent to receive advertising mailings and the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Consent) to LLC "AB. BRAND" (hereinafter referred to as the Operator).
  2. Acceptance (acceptance) of this consent is the marking of the "checkbox" next to the form "I consent to receive advertising mailings in accordance with the terms of the consent to receive advertising and informational mailings."
  3. The Consent is given for:
  4. 3.1. Processing of personal data - email address for the purpose of sending information specified in clause 3.2. of the Consent.
  5. 3.2. Receiving advertising and informational mailings from the Operator and/or Operator's partners via email;
  6. This consent is indefinite. The consent may be revoked by sending a request to the contact details of the Operator or by unsubscribing from the mailing list using the instructions in the mailing text.

Operator's details:
Limited Liability Company "AB. BRAND" (LLC "AB. BRAND")
TIN 7734452701, KPP 773401001
OGRN 1227700165824
Legal/Mailing Address:
123060, Moscow, Marshal Sokolovsky Street, Building 3, Premises 2/1
OKVED 62.01
Banking details:
Account number 40702810510001035803
Bank AO "TINKOFF BANK" Legal address of the bank Moscow, 127287, 2-ya Khutorskaya Street, Building 38A, Building 26 Correspondent account of the bank 30101810145250000974
Bank TIN 7710140679
Bank BIC 044525974
Contact information:
Email address:
Director of LLC "AB. BRAND" IP Milkova Alina Igorevna